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Unsurprisingly, performs great on the D3x:


-- Markus
"...amazingly sharp at f/1.4 alreada and the quality..."


Rover? Not at home?  Big Grin 

But besides that: It's obvious that your favourite is the 105/1.4 E


That has a bit more distortion and a strong bit more light falloff than the Sigma, it outresolves the dated sensor of your test camera. But in terms of bokeh fringing I would say, it doesn't deserve 5 stars - at f/2.8 the Sigma shows already less than the Nikon. This bokeh fringing is difficult to get rid off. If a portrait lens has to outresolve a 24 MP FF sensor I'm not that certain about - the 85/1.4 G doesn't and at times the reviewers were waxing some poetry around it.


The bokeh fringing of the 105 in my eyes is plain ugly at f/1.4


[Image: i-rLZrS9w-L.jpg]

 No doubt about it's general image quality and sharpness, a bonus is the lack of hard edging in the highlights, maybe only the Otus corrects bokeh fringing, as JoJu says it tough to eliminate.


    Also good to know that it's "capable of handling" (mis)treatments!  Wink


  A winner indeed.....BTW how was it's AF accuracy?





  Yes JoJu, on the 105 even the bokeh fringing has bokeh fringing!  :o

I just wonder how many stars would a lens get with great sharpness and maybe being a true APO-lens no bokeh fringing. Yes, not possible.


At the moment.


And how long did we think some other performances and / or specs are not possible? Okay, then there's still the way out of not giving any stars like Klaus does when it comes to lenses in fron of an EOS 5DR s  :lol:

Quote:"...amazingly sharp at f/1.4 alreada and the quality..."


Rover? Not at home?  Big Grin 
Sorry I have disappointed you but I was carrying out my sombre duties - giving my much beloved cat the last honors. Otherwise I would've jumped on a chance to read a brand new review. However, I feel I can rehabilitate myself by pointing out the fact that the review is missing from the main page.  <_<
The link for this review is not on the home page
Course it's not. First the proofreaders, then the normal mortals  :ph34r:



Right... exclusive content for active forum members and proofreaders (for a day Wink ).


Thanks for all the hints, all corrected, including the link on the main page... wasn't left out intentionally, just was a busy day yesterday and I got distracted after I started this thread.


Rover: really sorry to hear about your loss.


-- Markus

Quote:But besides that: It's obvious that your favourite is the 105/1.4 E
Well, maybe... I rated it higher mainly because of the even higher resolution wide open already.

Regarding bokeh fringing: please note that this is not a very "formal" test, in a sense that the setup is strictly the same for each lens. Angle and distance vary quite a bit.

And in real life, it depends a lot on the level of light and contrast in a scene whether a lens shows bokeh fringing (and how much of it). In fact, given some terrible light (think of the sparkling reflection of the sun in broken water), even true APO lenses still show bokeh fringing (tried with the AF-S 200/2 VR and the Leica Summicron-M 75/2.0)

-- Markus
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