Full Version: new SLRMagic 8mm f/4 for MFT announced
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An inner-chinese battle vs the Laowa 7.5mm f/2 ?

349$ vs a little bit more


Optics: 9 elements in 8 groups

Distance range: 0.10m to ∞

Aperture Blades: 7

Filter Mount: 43mm

Dimensions: 41.4x46.1mm

Weight: 110g


The war of the three dynasties is officially on. Smile But I had hoped for a picture of the lens.  :unsure:

Strangely they haven't mentioned a thing on their website yet (and that site looks even older than PZ).


To be very honest, it has to be way better than the Panny 7-14 for me to consider this lens. Generally speaking wide open SLR Magic lenses do not score too highly, and the corners stay behind for quite a while as well. Now, this is an F/4 lens, so who knows, it may perform well wide open, but I'll wait for a bunch of tests first. Smile


Kind regards, Wim

I wouldn't expect too much. Even the sample video looks soso at the borders.