Full Version: Rangefinder style MF: Fujifilm GFX 50R
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Not bad, Fuji:


Reminds me the Plaubel Makina.

Edit: Oh Nooooo - I'm sorry, didn't realize these were all mockups from Fujirumors readers. Anyway, this camera is soon to be announced, so I wanna see how it will look like.
Yes, if it were to really happen. Too soon to tell though.
However, I don't find the GFX very attractive system-wise say compared to the Sony A7 series.
If you consider equivalent lenses, these GFX lenses are huge and overpriced.
I guess the price can be explained by the relatively small sale volume.
Didn't realize there's already a reply to my post, sorry. And sorry as well for announcing rumors or wet dreams of the GFX FB-group as a real message.

The GFX50S failed to convince me, too. The image quality is great, though, and I like the MF style of the pictures, but I have no professional need to justify it.

Now I wait for the announcement of Fuji's version of focus stacking coming to the X-T2. I guess, it's as primitive or worse than Nikon's, but the good thing is - it's onboard and no additional device needed.