Full Version: Canon 77D on the way
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Dunno what is Canon thinking by putting an intermediate body between 760D and 80D...

Specs and features are rumored to include a deeply recessed hand grip, new buttons on the back, a new LCD display shape on top, 24.2MP, dual pixel AF, 45-point AF, 6fps burst, ISO 100 to 25600, a touch LCD, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth.



If I were to guess, it would be that they may have worked out a better WiFi/Bluetooth implementation.  They did put the button in plain sight instead of burying it in a menu. 


As for this emphasis on small cameras, or deeper grips.  I'd like some kind of strap that goes around one's right hand.  I've seen people using them.  I know it can be done!  Maybe Canon could have thrown one in the box and saved the cost of remodeling the camera!

Maybe it is a return to the simplified ethos of the 60D - remember how that camera was widely panned as a "downgrade" compared to the 50D that preceded it, forcing Canon to correct "upwards" with the next model? Now it appears that they feel like keeping both types of camera in the lineup - and that's in addition to the 7D series and three types of "Rebels" (mercifully down from four). I think I am seeing some of their reasoning, but not the economic logic behind this decision...
Nikon cancelled their DL prestige cameras due to "profitability concerns" - admitting that is quite some strong tobacco. Both big boys appear lately a little clueless to me.

Canon already made the division with the 750D and 760D. The 750D follow up will be the 800D, the 760D follow up the rumored 77D. Not sure what is confusing about that. In fact less confusing than the 750D/760D being next to eachother in the line up.

It's not confusing, but just as the 60D was a letdown it is using the xxD numbering system in a way that appears false, and misleading.  I would have thought they could have stuck with a numbering system that denotes that the camera is beginner, intermediate and advanced.  But by for the first time not using a pentamirror in an xxD model they appear to be baiting and switching to me.  It would be like putting a V8 emblem on a 6 cylinder car and saying that the symbol represents a hypothetical performance of a V8 concept, and in no way to be confused with actually having a V8.  I call it BS.

Quote:Maybe it is a return to the simplified ethos of the 60D...

I love the sound of that!  I confess, I'm not sure what it means.  Is having a simplified ethos a good thing?  Is having no ethos even better?

I will admit I must have a fragile ethos because it rocked my world when they put the LCD on top of a Rebel!  And I fully admit having Rebels for eight years and thinking they didn't need the screen.  Now that I finally have a couple cameras with the topside screen, I'm loving flying in first class...And now, Canon!  Now you give rebels the screen I did without?


I know we haveto live with marketing, but it can make a person insane.  I pick up a Rebel, and it is light as a feather.  I pick up my 70D, and it feels like an anchor.  Sure, the pentaprism is part of it.  But I secretly wonder...Do they put lead inside the 70D just to make you think you are getting more for your money?

I may've chosen the wrong word, but you get the drift.  Wink