Full Version: yongnuo made a mirrorless camera in EF mount before Canon !!!
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Not bad, if it's not too expensive, opens up lots of possibilities for remote controlled cameras - provided software is customisable.
Well, it may be mirrorless but there's still that deep dark tube between the lens and the sensor.
Just to illustrate how much they've ripped Sony's QX concept off:

[Image: yn43screenshots.jpg]

Above is Yongnuo's interface. Below is Sony's

[Image: com.sony.playmemories.mobile.png]

Here is another version with the updated shutter release:

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Sony orĀ  Yongnuo?

[Image: aHR0cDovL2EyLm16c3RhdGljLmNvbS91cy9yMzAv...TM2LmpwZWc]

This has to be YN, right? Even the MODE button and screwdriver/wrench button is there.

[Image: playmemories_mobile.jpg]
And a 4/3 sensor. Tongue