Full Version: Sample images - Laowa 7.5mm f/2 MFT
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Good. Not perfect on the left side (but it's a prototype)

Looks good indeed....


Kind regards, WIm

despite sun in the frame flare is well controlled, however a big red flare spot ??? well.....

A big red flare spot is easier to correct than a rainbow of colours. By saying that...  Smile

[Image: i-H3jvmb5-X2.jpg]


The lens is impressive and manual focus no issue, but getting no aperture out of EXIF - for me a reason not to buy it. I know for some or most photogs it's irrelevant, but I really still like to learn. Especially with a 2× crop system, I would be curious about which aperture is useful and which I should stay away from. It's convenient to take a glance at the EXIF when I see a picture with awkward effects.