Full Version: While we are at it - a new Samyang 24mm f/2.8 ...
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Sharpness is believable.
What I have a hard time believing is the distortion figures: I bet these are not native (raw) figures but corrected ones.
Also, I disagree with the quality of the bokeh. They find it nice and pleasing but I find it harsh and bad.
It's the sharpness charts that I have (more than) a little trouble believing in... same level of sharpness in the center and on the edges? In a decently fast wide angle near pancake lens on full frame? Yeah, and pigs can fly.

I would like to see what Klaus has to say about this lens - scientifically - but I'm not holding my breath, as usual. For all we know, we may be getting the next review (of any lens) by autumn at this pace.
Which image shows harsh and bad bokeh?
When was the last time you saw a bad review from ephotozine?
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