Full Version: Next OL lens test report: Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 USM L IS II
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Meet awesomeness (if it didn't back-focus at least):
Great lens indeed. Canon’s 70-200/4 has always been great performer and one of best values among standard long zooms. Good to see new version again setting the bar even higher.
No surprise, when it comes to tele zooms canon always did well.
Just a question: About the back focus, did you try AFMA ? If yes, how effective was it ??
Great detailed review!

and a great lens with great performance....except the slightly nervous bokeh shown up by the Jacks "ruffle"!
That was quick!
Pretty nice (sharp), but not really a viable alternative to my ageing EF 70-200mm f4 L USM, because it lacks its smooth background bokeh. The Tamron 70-210mm f4 seems to be better in that respect.
Nothing wrong with bokeh there, in my opinion. There might be lenses to be smoother. However, with right subject and photographer doing his job in regard to background, lens will deliver big time, pretty sure. ?
The further background is fine....... but not "just behind" the plane of focus........ie the ruffle........it looks a bit busy!
Choosing/limiting yourself to a featureless background does not make one a good photographer and does not make for "nothing wrong with bokeh"..
Of course, lacking in samples. But the background bokeh card crop does not bode well for my applications.
Well, whatever works for you. I do beg to differ, though, that this lens will need “featureless” background to deliver. ?
I do find it funny though. I do consider myself to be on the geeky side. Yet here doesn’t quite seems that way. ?
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