Full Version: Panasonic S1 & S1R announced (development)
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As well as
50 mm/F1.4
totalling 10 Pana L lenses by 2020
Where's the Sigma part in that?

Edit: Just read over at DPReview, the Sigma part will be the one of the lens manufacturer, like Cosina and Tokina are manufacturing for other brands.

"World's first Dual I.S. image stabilisation" - wtf? Pentax has it since years, Sony as well, Nikon follows, Canon still sleeps...
(09-25-2018, 11:59 AM)JJ_SO Wrote: [ -> ]Where's the Sigma part in that?

"World's first Dual I.S. image stabilisation" - wtf? Pentax has it since years, Sony as well, Nikon follows, Canon still sleeps...

Why is that statement wrong?

Pentax and Nikon have mono-IS. Sony has either in-lens or in-body IS but not both (I think).
You mean the one Olympus claims to have as well? First, just adding another dimension doesn't necessarily mean "more better stabilisation". Second, Sony, stabilizes 5 axis and third, putting two delicate kinds of stabilisation together - you realize how much computing and actuating power will be needed?

Panasonic says the 47 MP version is merely for photographers, and the 24 MP for videographers (30%) and photographers. Personally, I will rely on a tripod, but not on a moving device, as it cannot be fast and precise enough - the results will be better than without stabilisation and good enough, but not as good as tripod.
Dual IS works extremely well and much better than mono IS - believe it or not.
I prefer to believe it Big Grin Olympus already did a great job on that.
Interestingly they are still skipping PD-AF it seems.
On dual IS, 1st refers to full frame cameras. The article states that in footnote directly. Of course, Olympus was first for m43 cameras.

And yes, in my experience dual IS is pretty impressive improvement of image stabilization technology. For photography and even more so for video.
Just my, take a step back and look thoughts...

I truly wonder about the success of this Panasonic/Leica/Sigma amalgam.........it's starting to remind me of the internet bubble.....if you're not in ML FF, you're dead!.........
.......in the space of three months the whole of the camera industry is being turned upside down, not just by completely new products, but completely new ranges of completely new high end products, with most of their associated lenses as yet unavailable, but which seem to have nearly doubled in price.

Three months ago all this was just rumours.........then in two months the whole future of the industry has turned around......

.........what causes me to be sceptical is the general air of panic to come to market.........one that is still diminishing.....

My guess is not everybody is going to come out smiling....

All in all it has become a spectator sport for me!

P.S. A new foveon FF sensor from Sigma?
Yes, there are too many systems on the market now.
I think Panasonic's move relates purely to video. They have been the dominant system for that during the last 6-7 years but they are now facing some competition from Fuji as well as CaNikon.
Pros are willing to pay more for a bigger format once the options become viable (they are not today but tomorrow they will be). So in order to keep their edge in that segment, they really had to go FF.

Whether L-mount will be a big success - I doubt so. But then what will be a big success in this industry?

I'm wondering which systems will die. Ok, Pentax - they are done. I almost suspect that Fuji is looking vulnerable now. Size-wise they can't compete with MFT and quality-wise they remain weaker than FF. Their GFX stuff is hardly mainstream. If it wasn't a religious market I'd also give a negative outlook to Nikon but then it is. Canon is hardly thrilling us but they remain untouchable due to their financial strength. Some may think that MFT is dead but honestly no other system provides small stuff thus I've a hard time to believe that they'll go away.
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