Full Version: Markus Stamm where are you?
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Markus Stamm for whatever reason is becoming very conspicuous by his absence.........

So, I'll put out a little "Hello" just to show he is missed on the forums as well as his contributions to lens testing.......

      Here's the plea..........

      Markus........Please Markus speak to us..........drop us a forum line.......thank you and all the best!
Today is a very bad timing for that question (sorry but I'm aware of the background of his absence).
Give him another month or two, please.


Sorry I was unaware of anything untoward..........

........it goes without saying that I wish him all the best!
How could you have known? i was about to write the same question but then I thought, it has been half a year since I sent Markus a PM and no response so far. Means, someting serious must have happend.

The question remains "how it will go on with the tests of Nikon and other systems he is /was responsible for?" of course, these days the net is full of "tests", but with few exceptions I don't trust them too much.
Well, we all can / should just wish Markus the best of luck with whatever situation he's solving. The tests can wait and there's so much non-Nikon stuff to work with anyway. Smile