Full Version: Why Canon decided to go RF mount instead of FF EF-M.
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Canon did consider the EF-M mount for FF, which would have been similar to Sony's FE. For lens design purposes, they decided to go with a wider mount, explained in a little detail here (Nikon made the same decision):

Well, the EF-M system was/is so pallid that ditching it (if only by switching all of the forward development elsewhere rather than outright killing it) was no big deal for Canon or anyone else. Although I had expected Canon to follow Sony's suit.
Canon was/is not ditching the EF-M system. EF-M = APS-C, simple, light weight. EOS R = FF with serious expensive optics.
You know what's really funny ...


It's, of course, not representative but ...
- no Canon DSLR nor any EOS M in the top 10 ...
- there is just 1 DSLR in this list anyway
- both Nikon Zs are outselling the D850
- both Canon R and Nikon Z are rubbish at this stage due to the lack of lenses but they are selling like hotcake - speaking of fanboyism ...

Classic religious market.
A posh camera store only selling the newest models well? Indeed not very representative... And people with Nikon lenses will of course get a Z, and people with Canon lenses of course will get an EOS R, if they are looking for a mirrorless body to join their gear? More sensible than "fanboyism"?

What I don't get is why you posted that in this thread, as it does not seem to be related in any way, fanboyism? ;-)

And I consider Sony FE to be rubbish at this stage due to awful ergonomics, cheap feel and still no adequate RAW format ;-)
No Klaus - some of us just waited to get a camera with a decent continuous LiveView because all DSLRs fell short here. And some of us are also sort of tired with AF adjustments.

There's more people into video these days - and if the mentioned cameras are rubbish in your eyes, you are just blindly ignoring how many cool lenses can be adapted to them. But it's never too early to swing a "final judgement", right? Wink It's not even 3 months since they hit the market and even if I agree the target groups are sort of mystery to me - I got accustomed to the already known mirrorless feeling on the Nikon far quicker than expected. "outselling D850", haha, maybe at the moment - but count the numbers of D850 units and count the numbers of Z-bodies, then lets talk again. If there would have been more available D850s in the US, Nikon would have made even more money on them - but when customers wait for a 46 MP camera and can't have it the other day, it's no wonder we customers check out for alternatives.

They are also selling like hotcakes because the customers expect CaNikon to join the "firmware outlet club" like Sony and Fuji and Olympus are doing. The hardware is already very decent, lenses are enough around for the adapters.... I think you're mistaken with speaking about fanboyism.
@BC - Hey, you started your usual defence speech for EOS M ;-)

"people with lenses will buy X". Yeah, right ... "people with lenses" could also buy Sony with a Canon/Nikon adapter. Other than the fact that this is a compromise at best.
Klaus, you started with your usual EOS M flame speech.

I have no love for EOS M anyway, it is just there in the market and I am being factual about it.


I'm still puzzling what is going on.
Google trends is good starting point of marketing analysis nowadays.
You can change the time scale back to 2004.
What is buzz me that most Japanese camera maker jump FF.
To be honest FF was polar on film era under the name small format - it was compact reliable and easy to use. Something what smartphones are nowadays.
ON digital FF has been a niche market. Sky rocking prices and weight of new mirrorless will not make them top seller either.
One question - > I'm searching absolute sells number of mirrorless cameras. I can only find many presentation of relative numbers - Sony vs Canon vs Nikon. Is the any absolute value numbers. Can we excepts that the whole FF mirrorless market /Sony,CaNikon, Leica,panasonic / can reach the sells numbers of single Canon Digital Rebel from 2005
(12-18-2018, 04:02 PM)Brightcolours Wrote: [ -> ]Canon was/is not ditching the EF-M system. EF-M = APS-C, simple, light weight. EOS R = FF with serious expensive optics.

not sure it will stay this way
efm is a dead end, while canon wants you to upgrade and buy more professional bodies where you can still use your lenses, so it is possible we see APS-C EOS R and it will be the end for EOS-M.
Most EFM users have camera plus kit or double lens kit at best, so no big losses.  so EOS-M will be a  transition phase just like Canon T system with T80 and T90
I am not a canon executive to know what they will decide anyway, let's wait and see
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