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... I hope you don't mind some teasing, but it seems we have a 5-star review coming up Smile


-- Markus

Sigma 85/1.4 Art?  ^_^

We love teasing... and we also like clues.
Hmmm 5 stars huh?

Of course of all your reviews are five star Markus...... :o   


  Hmmm....  either it's the new AF-S 105mm F1.4,     or it's the new Nikor AF-S 70-200 F2.8E...


or even better, in a magnificent "call of duty" effort you've bitten the bullet and are doing comparison review the Nikor AF-S 200-500mm vs the G2 vs the Sigma contemporary.....


  It could be my wishful thinking of course!

Haha, well, it's probably safe to assume that it's not a zoom lens... sorry, dave Smile


-- Markus

None of them are 5★, dave.  :lol:


okay, about the 105... maybe, since some reviewers praise it as close to 200/2, but even that gets only 4 ½★ 


Do you remember any Nikon glass lately tested which comes away with 5★ (I like this star shortcut, that's all  ^_^ )

Well, the 200/2 was really close to 5 stars (it got them on the D200), it's extremely sharp in the center, but not insanely great across the whole frame (still great, but not _insanely_ great). Plus, the flare...


Sorry, JoJu, didn't reply to your first guess: nope, it's not a Sigma Smile


-- Markus

Well, we don't know about the Sigma yet ... ;-)
Oh, yes, true... Smile


-- Markus

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