Full Version: Spotmatic: yellow through the lens
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Just bought a used Spotmatic. Great condition--very clean nice, everything working. Only thing is when I look through the viewfinder (50mm lens), the room looks a bit yellow.

I also just bought a used Nikon F and do not see that with the Nikon, clear as a bell.

Is that normal with the Spotmatics?
It's probably more related to the lens rather than the camera. Back in the days, lenses weren't quite as color neutral as they are today.
Maybe just look straight through the lens (without camera) to verify.
Think you are correct Klaus about the lens. Do that mean images would have yellow cast? Is the lens bad or went bad that just how it is?

The Nikon lens same era about, also 1.4 is clear nuetral.
Well, any colour tint on film relates to the lens/filter - or the film itself.
I guess it's a Super-Takumar lens? Some of them apparently contains lightly radioactive elements that can take a yellow tint. It appears that this can be fixed by prolonged exposition to direct sunlight: https://www.flickr.com/groups/[email protected]/121461/
Just a thought..............................

..... does the view-finder look yellowish without a lens on it?

Pentax made a few lenses with their "nuclear range" which were radioactive .........after time the glass becomes yellow........

.........this yellow tint is fairly easily removed by putting the lens in the sun...........UV rays bleach the elements!

Oh I didn't see the previous post.......(still at least we are agreed)