Full Version: upgrading from 750D to 80D or M5 worth it
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I am using mostly now my 750D (along with 5D) However I am not quite satisfied with its sensor performance: at low ISO it is noisy in the shadows, for long exposure shots, it's a really poor performer, the worst part is when I boost the exposure of shadow area where noise becomes clearly visible polychromatic and annoying.

Would 80D or M5 having the same sensor solve this ?

I am leaning towards M5, would my cuirrent lenses work fine on it  

Hey, a 80D is a sort of a "dream [second] camera" for me. It looks very compelling in reviews, but I would like to give it a try in real life.


The DPReview evaluation hints at improved dynamic range too - it's been a long running sore point with [some] Canon users.

What do you mean with long exposure, how long exactly? With actually long exposures, sensor heat stats to play a role as nose source, and higher DR sensors are not a solution there. So, it kind of matters what you mean with "long exposure".

Long exposure that's seconds typically for waves and seascapes plus nightscapes I do anything between 2 and 25 seconds
25 seconds will get you in noisy trouble with most sensors, it then depends on the outside temperature too, even. There is no data available for this, so I can't tell you if the 750D does better or worse than a 80D or the next DXX0 camera which probably will be announced soon.

Yes but I am not satisfied with quality in the shadows in almost all pictures whatever shutter speed, here even my 300D and 30D are better when it's about pixel level.

When I try to recover details in shadows noise pops up. Read that 80D is ISO invariant would this make any difference?
Are you sure you were lifting shadows back when you used a 30D and older?

To me, lifting shadows is a pretty peculiar thing, which does usually not make for nice images (your wide sunset sea arc image got criticised for the heavy lifting of shadows, is that an example?) . And is something of the past few years (to show "look at the DR my RAWs have").


Yes, the 80D will have less noise in lifted shadows. The 6D, being FF, also will have less noise. The M5 too, the 1D-X mk II and 5D mk IV especially too. And most Nikons and Sonys too. 


You can always use noise reduction software when there is colourful noise you do not appreciate, people tend to forget that cheap and easy part.