Full Version: Canon just patented zoom tilt and shift lens design
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This should be quite some innovation 24-100f4TSE
Let's see if we will see it in real life.
... 30-80 (or -130?) mm f/4.5-6.3, how very odd. Smile Though I'm not sure we're ever going to see any of this in the flesh (or, more appropriately, in glass and metals). Smile
the weird fact is they are EF mount while they said no EF mount for this year, being EF mount should be good news for Sony users who would be very happy to adapt them...
How long do you think "this year" is, Toni? Doh. If Canon is introducing RF lenses this year, the design of those RF lenses has been in the works the last 3 years. So, if they plan any EF lenses in the coming years, they are working on them now.