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60 MP  Confused

Go home, Fuji GFX 50... or maybe not. Ergonomically the Sony leaves a lot to desire. And the sharp edges still hurt.
The specs are super hot though ...

61mp ..... and 240mp with pixel shift
15 EV dynamic range ... eat that Canon ...
AF down to -3EV
5.5 EV OSS
CaptureOne included
530 images per battery load
and that viewfinder ... wow

It doesn't just beat the Z7 and the S1R, it annihilates them.

And now, Sony, do something similar with the A7S III.

I remember years ago we discussed how electronics companies will fare in a market that is dominated by traditional players. Now we know.
And we thought the 5DSR's resolution was overkill... this one will be even harder on the lenses than the A7RIII!
Interestingly it got a little bigger - which is probably a good thing. The inner space at the grip is still somewhat on the slim side.
The joystick looks nice.
However, I'm still not sold on that edgy design. Why do we have to be masochists, Sony? Why?
It comes with a pair of fluffy gloves.
True grit !!

Canon and Nikon will have their work cut out trying to stay even three years behind ..... and Sony knows they must keep up the pressure and keep their lead ....

   ... this new 61 Mps body does exactly that, with just about everything covered .... it's clear they have mastered AF, every one has been asking for eye AF in movie mode  Sony gives it ..... the 5.6 million dot EVF will probably be the new reference.

  Better connectivity, battery life etc etc......... the list goes on!

  ..... they just keep on pushing the envelope and dot the 'I's and cross the 'T's ......

    ..... Sony has the most tech and wants to give it all  ..... and does, right now ...

 ..... while Caninkon has a lot less to give ...... and doesn't give all of it now and saves that little, for another day !! ......

   It will be interesting to see how it does with sports/wildlife AF!

     Meanwhile disconcerted Canikon engineers have made woven cloth effigies of the A7R MkIV ...... dressed in pointed hats, wielding incense sticks whilst circling around it chanting ....... they then stick pins into it !!  Smile

Well let's face it ...... what else can they do ??
Luckily (for "Canikon") Sony does not address the continuing weaknesses (RAW implementation, GUI and haptic feel/ergonomics). For specs lovers, this camera is the one.
Sony catched up with their lenses and it already had the adaptability of older lenses from various manufacturers as an advantage.

In terms of AF-speed the α9 already set a standard hard to beat with DSLRs. And in terms of AF-area coverage DSLR owners became loosers. Now Sony camera can also track in movie mode.

Edgy design is a question of taste, I would not say any other manufacturer found the golden recipe of beauty and function coming together. If I had to, I could live with the Sony design.

The only thing holding CaNikon owners back from changing their horses are the habits of usage. I already learnt the differences between mirrorless Nikon and DLSR Nikon - some important things for DSLRs are simply irrelevant to ask for in a mirrorless. 3D-tracking never gave me reliably constant results with my photographic themes. Face detection  on Z 7, even with some misses is still better than the always jumping AF-points in any Nikon DSLR. I use them less and less.

I see a complete selection of lenses at Sony's side, a boring, long-lasting roadmap on Nikon's. I see some accessories on Sony's side Nikon doesn't have - additional battery grip? Once one could say, "Sony only can do electronics, but CaNikon does the great glass" - not any longer, Nikon produces in China high price lenses with some flaws like distortion and apparently also variable quality in the series (of the 14-30, that is).

I wonder how long we Nikon users will remain patient and loyal.
(07-17-2019, 07:53 AM)Brightcolours Wrote: [ -> ]Luckily (for "Canikon") Sony does not address the continuing weaknesses (RAW implementation, GUI and haptic feel/ergonomics). For specs lovers, this camera is the one.

  a lot of things have changed:

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