Full Version: Pentax APS-C DSLR in development
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So, some news at last ...... can I smell a PDAF live view in there somewhere?

...... so many rotary dials ..... at any rate it's very positive news for Pentaxians.
You're reading Japanese forums... https://www.dpreview.com/news/7350433739...ed-in-2020

2020 will become such an amazing year. Big Grin
The camera is looking quite awesome really. It's a pity that Pentax was run down by management really.
What makes this camera look quite awesome really?
Three top dials, font & back dials, joystick. On/off switch at the right place (at the shutter button). Nice muscular shape.

I still won't buy it, of course. ;-)
The "muscular shape" would fit nicely to muscular arms handholing fast tele-lenses. If Pentax had them for sale...

Bulky, clunky, wasting more space for the job to expose an APS-C sensor than on eof the current ML-bodies. No tilt display (even the EOS 90D has one). Joysticks are standard these days, but still slower than a repsonive touchscreen.

However, there's a detail you missed: underneath the OVF theres'a sensor which looks like one of the sensor used to switch from LCD to EVF. Makes no sense in a DSLR.... except if it would be kind of a hybrid like Sony's ɑ77 or ɑ99. Or it just could lock up the mirror. That would save Ricoh the troubles to develop mirrorless lenses as they already can't catch up to fill the gaps in their line-up.

So, that would unite advantages of both worlds - if there'd be some left from mirrors... .


The body certainly does look businesslike and solid ..... no tilty screen and the small round selector knob, which could have been a small selector switch which  makes it look a little like a pre Ist WW battleship ......

Anyway which ever way you look at it ........ it's a positive sign of genuine Pentax life ........ and that will be a relief for many!
Fujifilm did just announce that the promised 33/1.0 will become a 50/1.0. Meaning, an announced Pentax is not "Pentax ready to order". And if it's not ready in 2020...
That under-OVF sensor may just be a sensor to switch the LCD off when you bring the OVF to your eye.

And LOL @ Fuji. A fast standard prime would make a modicum of sense, since Fuji can't make FF on that X-mount. 33mm f1.0 would be a 50mm f1.5 FF equivalent. They apparently scrapped it because they were at 1300 grams (for a 50mm f1.5 equiv.....). Just a quick comparison: the Canon RF 32mm f1.4 STM weighs 23 grams.

So now they will make a 50mm f1.0 for APS-C (FF equivalent: 75mm f1.5). Yeah, 75mm FF equiv. is a very popular FOV.

Somehow I think that designing a 33mm lens that is one stop faster than that 32mm Canon without it being that huge and that heavy is not impossible.
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