Full Version: Why they did it in the first place?
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Imagine how much development hours were wasted here:

Conceptually I like having a cloud-based image service - albeit locally the upload speeds are just too shitty for this.

Of course, they wanted to "sort of" lock-in customers to the Canon world in order to reduce churn.
Which is why I'd rather use a generic service for this.
This is my point exactly. Pair with reliable platform like Smugmug and see where it goes.
Let the software companies do what they supposed to do and Canon can focus on making more lenses.
This is not only with Canon, I see the same in the mobile phone "Samsung Photo", "Samsung Pay", "Samsung Backup"
Well it's a honest way of keeping customers in your environment, software side, IMHO Canon offers the best software bundle (only phase one with capture one does better but the price gap between the two is huge and they target different types of customers) when I got Sony A6000, found their software was very basic and had to invest in third party software, OEM software was one of the factors that made me decide get EOSRP not a Sony A7 series body
Good I've never been tempted to get into the proprietary software environments. After the little number Adobe had pulled on the customers (shoehorning them all into subscription-based software and discontinuing stuff based on old model) and other services dropping dead like flies in November, I'd prefer being on the safe side.

I got a terabyte of cloud storage from mail.ru for free in a once in a lifetime special offer, and been using it ever since. I've been running out of space for a while and forced to cull non-essential stuff from time to time, but I resist switching to paid account because I wouldn't be able to go back. Smile
Why they did it - because they could.