Full Version: Next OL Lens Test Report - Zeiss Sonnar T* E 24mm f/1.8 ZA
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Yes, we are "a little" late with this one ;-)

Wow... I really did think that boat had sailed long ago. Smile I was considering this lens once, since I was (technically still am) an owner of a Sony APS-C camera but decided against expanding the second system when my Canon kit was far from completion.

Thanks for the review anyway, Klaus. It was nice of you to do this test. Smile

P.S. Talking of gaps... Any chance you might review the Sony E 20/2.8 pancake while you're at it? Smile
Looks like there are two links leading to this review on the "Sony APS-C" page. Looks like someone was really excited about the lens. Big Grin
[Image: NDRi8tO1Y4w.jpg]
(and yes there's two of them in the desktop version, too, it was just easier to post a screenshot from a mobile)