Full Version: Next OL lens test report - Viltrox PFU RBMH 20mm f/1.8 ASPH
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For $399 who can ask for more?
Sorry Rover, I couldn't resist:
"due to the expensive use of aspherical elements"
These things aren't cheap... Big Grin
Frankly I don't think even at that price the lens is interesting, you can have for a little more a used Sigma 20f1.4 with autofocus, and exif data plus profiles for vignetting correction and better overall performance unless you are shooting astro photography but even then it's f1.8 and same exposure as f2.8 at the borders
(01-17-2020, 03:43 AM)borisbg Wrote: [ -> ]For $399 who can ask for more?
Sorry Rover, I couldn't resist:
"due to the expensive use of aspherical elements"

Permission granted. Big Grin
I still have one more left for myself anyway:

“EXIF data is not provided so mechanisms such as image auto-correction.” - on the bottom of the first page.  Confused
The second part is either missing the predicate, or should have "to" instead of "so" (I think the first one is more likely).

Anyway, the lens: the tinfoil hatter in me, having read the revelation that the new Tokina 85/1.8 is the same optically as the Viltrox unit Klaus had just tested, starts to think of a possible hidden relationship between this one and the Tokina Firin.  Big Grin Of course it might be nothing, but...  Rolleyes Other than that: it looks like the f/1.8 aperture is mostly "special purpose" but pretty good all over at f/2.8, more than can be said of the old Sigma with the same stats (which was notorious).
The Viltrox and Tokina 20mm have quite (very?) different lens constructions, so you can use that tinfoil for other things again Big Grin

Thanks, I can now rest easy. Oh yes, and I do recycle foil. Big Grin
By the way, is there an AF version of the Viltrox 20?
Thanks for the review!