Full Version: Samsung S20 Ultra ... thoughts?
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As some may have noticed I'm fairly open to computational support in cameras - which isn't all that new when thinking of auto-correction.

Now looking at the S20 Ultra I'm starting to wonder whether this is already "good enough" for me to a certain degree at least. Ok, that ultra-wide camera is probably still meh but the overall package is close.

At least one of the sensors isn't that small anymore either (1/1.3").
Sure, the IQ may be good enough for some applications, but the handling is blääää... Just touch and sweep controls is like standing in mud (I hate cell phones; have one just because I must). Also, a “camera” without a viewfinder is no camera. For me this is a boring thing, photography should be fun.
Maybe i am a dinosaur or at least a mammoth.
Same for me, Goran. Sure I'm another dinosaur.
Similar here. I actually welcome software contribution to photography development. It is great today we have a solid camera in a phone. Super useful.

However, photography is a lot more about how to aim, follow subject, adjust relevant settings, responsiveness, etc... I am far from one who believes it is big stuff that cuts it, but camera needs to be as much as possible part of photographer. And of course a viewfinder plays a crucial role. Phone is simply something else than a camera as such.

So probablya a dinosaurus too. ;-)
(02-15-2020, 09:22 AM)stoppingdown Wrote: [ -> ]Same for me, Goran. Sure I'm another dinosaur.

  Same here ....... only my fixed focus meniscus eyes require several pairs of glasses of see the damned thing.
Ha! For a while I thought, I was the only dinosaur left here... but now it feels like extinction is not around the corner, yet Wink
Hopefully it's still early Cretaceous for all of us... Smile
There was a documentary called "Walking with dinosaurs" - that's how I feel now. ;-)
Ugh... There is no doubt I'm also part of the photographius archaicus endangered species Sad
Need suggestion for best camera phone model
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