Full Version: next OL lens test report - Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary
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Quite nice especially for the price

Looks very nice to me ...... an F1.4 16mm for 400 euros .......

Sigma will be selling thousands of those !!

Suggestion box:

Every review starts the same "new OL lens test report" ... identification of the lens "in the short title" would help user's navigation when there are several lens tests and member posts running concurrently, especially as there are (thankfully) quite a few tests at the moment!
...... thanks .....
Distortion results say "24mm" on the tabs... I know this is a "24mm equivalent" lens but still. Smile
Also there's a line "although the quality plateau is very broad from f2/8" in the resolution section - I think you forgot a period there and subbed a slash for it. Smile

Re: the lens - somehow I expected more... (although I wouldn't say that "the corner quality falls apart" like you did - the corners look like they're solidly in the "Fair" part of the graph; while it isn't saying much, they're not dropping below the lowest line like they do on some lenses, especially FF ones).
Klaus, how would you compare it to Oly 17mm f1.2?
I'd prefer the Olympus lens but then the Sigma is half the price ...
The Oly is a 35mm FF equivalent and the Oly a 24mm... Why would you want them compared?
The Sigma 16/1.4 is available in MFT mount so the question is viable.
(02-23-2020, 08:28 AM)Klaus Wrote: [ -> ]The Sigma 16/1.4 is available in MFT mount so the question is viable.

Ah, my bad. Sorry for that.