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As we can seen lenses and camera industry entering hibernation, people can't go out shooting, but we can edit, and share photos and plenty of people now are on  their screen...
So what about some software reviews, or photo discussion here ??
just a thought
Well, if the situation takes months, I will finally take the opportunity to update the website with a new engine.

If you want to try a new software ... what about this one:

I was pretty impressed.
Speaking of Topaz, I am trying out Denoise AI these days. Pretty impressed at first glance as well. However, on some images effect is rather uneven across the frame.

I need to look into it more: question is, is it me or I can expect such often?
The aspect that disturbed me the most was the processing time.
To follow up on Topaz: I played a bit more with Denoise. Decided to pass. Good but rather strong. Repeatedly ended up with result uneven across the frame, as said before. Pass.

However, since Klaus mentioned Sharpen AI, I tried that then. Very happy with results. Yes it is slow, however pretty easy to control the outcome. As a bonus - I had no clue before I tried it - there is denoise slider as well. It does good job on getting rid of general noise, typical for sky and other uniform parts of image. Bought it.
Yes, I was wondering about the noise slider as well - is it the same as Denoise? No idea.
(04-11-2020, 01:56 AM)Klaus Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, I was wondering about the noise slider as well - is it the same as Denoise? No idea.

No, it is not, it effectively is a simplified version. However, for most images it is enough Smile.

Been using Topaz products since 2006/2007, always been very happy with their products, iand in conjuntion with Nik software (basically since 2009), when it stil was Nik as a company as well.

The combination has always worked well for me, and still does Smile.

Kind regards, Wim