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Given the corporate denials prior to this announcement, I'm a bit surprised.

JIP (also selling Vaio laptops) seems to become a collector of JP icons then ...
Well, looking at the press release, it's really more a spin-off rather than selling the business.
Doesn't matter who the owner is, it's just like the change of the CEO, Olympus will remain alive, just like Hasselblad and Pentax
Volvo cars is now owned by Chinese Geely did it matter for its customers ?
Hope the new owner will do the things right
It looks about as bad as it could get to me ! ......... Olympus has given a date limit to relinquish ownership of the camera aspect of the company ...... to NewCo .....

....... fund managements are usually set up in order repay depts on a basis of "so many cents on the dollar" ...... and is handled by administrators acting on behalf of the debtors ....... with a duty towards the shareholders .....

It sounds to all the world like the"camera division" of Olympus is preparing to declare the camera division bankrupt ...... awaiting final figures as to actual value of the remaining assets ....... the announcement is made this very day because of legal requirements to do so.
  Newco will no doubt be looking at raising as much as they can by stripping assets and finding buyers for that they don't want and keeping what they consider as profitable ..... 

..... maybe I seeing a darker picture than is the case but saying things are bleak certainly isn't an understatement!

...... even down to optimistically leaving contact numbers ......
Official Olympus statement with link to memorandum:

Robin Wong's youtube on the subject:

There is quite the discussion on the mu-43.com forums as well.

Kind regards, Wim
The real catastrophe is the corporate communication.
Can it even be more unprofessional than this?
It's like torpedoing any trust around the brand name.
It shows, once again, how alien JP companies behave from a western perspective.
(06-24-2020, 10:25 AM)Klaus Wrote: [ -> ]Well, looking at the press release, it's really more a spin-off rather than selling the business.

Transferring Olympus’ long-standing Imaging business, known for its digital cameras and IC recorders, to JIP by the end of 2020 sounds very much like selling the imaging business to JIP...
Oh well. Was ok while it lasted. At least there is still Fuji. I guess this also means panasonic will (if they haven't already) cease micro 4/3 development.
You know what's funny?

Hours prior to the announcement I ordered an E-M5 III kit.
But yes, I cancelled the order ...
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