Full Version: next OL lens test report: Sony E 70-350mm f/4.5-6.3 G OSS
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Good although not stellar at the long end

(06-27-2020, 10:56 PM)Klaus Wrote: [ -> ]Good although not stellar at the long end

My most used combination says 350/6.3 on Sony A6500.
Maybe the results depend on distance, never seen anything that sharp in that range.
But I don't test, I shoot. Since 6 month now.

All the best
Air diffusion already plays a role in "lab" conditions - thus the MTFs will never be as good on a lens at 350mm compared to 16mm.
(06-29-2020, 11:26 PM)Klaus Wrote: [ -> ]Air diffusion already plays a role in "lab" conditions - thus the MTFs will never be as good on a lens at 350mm compared to 16mm.

Thanks for the review ...

Way too expensive though at $900-1,000 !! and ungainly hanging off an A6....0 .....

I purchased a Nikkor AF-P 70-300mm VR for a friend (les than 200 euros) ...... very sharp right to 300mm and very fast focusing ..... Pentax has more or less the same offering ...... for reasonable money!

Yes, the Sony goes the 50mm extra to 350mm @ F6.3 ....... but it softens on route ....

Good but very overpriced !!
Well, mirrorless lenses are more expensive ... because they can it seems.
The really overpriced lens is the E 16-55mm.
Added a few zoo pictures today
Klaus, will you be able to do a test of Sony RX10 Mark IV lens? I am sure you know about that camera. The consensus is that the 24-600mm eq lens is super sharp. Problem is that because its one camera body combination, nobody tests the lens itself. I feel we will know what to expect from these numerous tele lenses if we know that. I know its not possible to directly compare different systems, but here is the thing: too many of these cropped sensor lenses effectively reach 450 to 600mm with similar effective apertures (Sony RX10 is F10.8) and sometimes i think i will be better of with Sony but there is no reference point as nobody has tested.
In the dpreview.com review of the RX10 Mark IV, you can see how the lens performs at various focal lengths and apertures: https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/sony-cy...-rx10-iv/8
You can also see how it performs compared to the lenses found in other 1'' cameras, namely the Sony RX10 II, Canon G3 X and Panasonic FZ-1000.
Note that the RX10 Mark III and IV use the exact same lens.
From dpreview's conclusion the RX10 IV features the best lens in terms of sharpness, whether it's at the wide-end or the long end while being brigther than the competition.