Full Version: Leica M10-R announced
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I looked the gallery of images at DPR... very nice. I kept noticing however that many of the images were not focused precisely.
Should Leica revisit their manual focus aid on high MP cameras?
I have very mixed feelings about this. The typical rangefinder shooter is usually not aiming for billboard sized prints.

Especially for wide-angle lenses, the precision of a rangefinder is only second to magnified view with an EVF. On the other hand, for everything else, especially precise framing (and in case of Leica certainly also exposure), there is nothing as unreliable and actually hindering as a rangefinder camera Wink
Also, looking at 100% to see if focus is exactly right is not really a photographer thing.... Looking if it is the eye lashes that are the sharpest or not exactly is usually not a thing in the kind of photography one would do with rangefinder cameras. It is more a geek thing than an artist thing, IMHO.
Leica M line needs a price adjustment right now:

M10: 24MP, $7995
M10-P: 24MP, small improvements, much quieter shutter, touchscreen, $8795
M10-D: M10-P with no LCD, $8795
M10 Monochrom: 40MP, black and white sensor, otherwise similar to M10-P, $8295

So, M10-R with a 40MP color sensor and M10-P features should be the most expensive, right?
Interesting, I didn't notice this.

On the other hand: the Summicron APO 50/2 is way more expensive than the Summilux 50/1.4 (also an APO), so... Wink
The Leica M10 also offers live-view focus. It's surely frowned upon by purists (right, Markus?) but it should help with longer lenses.
Well, it's a feature I never had and never missed on mine Wink

But yes, with long lenses it will be helpful, for sure.
I have to admit that - if money played no role - I'd probably have a Leica (SL II).
It may not be the best camera but it is, somehow, the final answer. A bit like a Bugatti - terribly flawed but also so terribly perfect.
And the recent video revived that feeling.

Feelings are short-lived though. And the reality is - no camera setup is worth $10k for a non-professional user.

It's unfortunate that there's no place where I could rent one. That would be an "event" for me.

Of course, your mileage may vary.
A friend of mine uses an M 246 or 262 with live view on EVF all the time. He has a 50mm Summicron v4 as a normal lens but instead of getting a 90mm Leica lens, he just mounts an FD 85/1.2L on it and uses the EVF.

50mm Summilux and Summicron APO are on completely different levels, the price difference is somewhat understandable.
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