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Panasonic's full-size mirrorless camera "LUMIX S5 Body" and "LUMIX S5 20-60mm lens kit" have just been registered at overseas retailers.
Maybe a mid range model? A rumor says it will be a competitor to Sony A7iii, priced under 2000$.
I'm hoping for a FF body in a GX9 style body, that would be awesome ;-)
Seems to be A7S small. In fact smaller than a GH5/G9.
Same sensor that they're currently using?
(08-17-2020, 08:46 PM)mike Wrote: [ -> ]Same sensor that they're currently using?

Probably the same - the specs seems close enough. 

Body weight is 710g with card and battery, which makes it close to Z5. Specs are similar too. Perhaps the upcoming Sony A5 will be in the same ballpark in pricing/size/weight.

For me - I wish I had these options 5 or 10 years ago. All seem like great cameras. On the other hand, I feel like the current mid-rangers offer better value for money as they are better hybrid cameras for when you need that video features.

In all aspects, I still think the S1 series is a masterpiece, and the Lumix S lenses look great. There are several things that I wish Panasonic could address, apart from the pricing. There are still QA issues being mentioned here and there, like battery drain (probably a self-discharge issue), focus ring/clutch issues with the lenses, etc. At this price point, I would expect a near trouble-free experience!

The other issue is lens compatibility. There are still reports for less than perfect compatibility between different brands on the L-Mount, and the Sigma MC-21 adapter seems somehow crippled, not offering the smoothest experience either. If I'm willing to risk it, I will not go all in.

While the system is currently out of my (and perhaps - many others) financial reach, I can admit I have considered more than once selling some of my gear to get S1/S1R with 24-105 and the magnificent 50/1.4. It is expected that Panasonic will come up with new f/1.8 lenses, like the rumored 85/1.8, and if IQ and rendering is near the 50, it will be a top lens! Hope that this move, although considered by some as "too little, too late", be a catalyst to make the system more popular.

The times are rather difficult at the moment for all camera companies. Hope that they all have some cash on the side to continue their R&D and keep their best staff around. I honestly think that it would be the best time to change the trend a little, offering marginal updates every 2 years, and focus on some bodies are as well designed as to work for 5-7 years without the need to upgrade because of ill implemented features, e.g. AF, etc.

Will see. I have high hopes that the L-Mount.

Nice ...
Like it to. Nice size body, joystick is there, nothing really missing. with Pana ergonomics should be a joy to use. Live composite is a nice touch too.

Obvious move pointing out there is no overheating issues with their bodies. ;-)