Full Version: sample gallery - Sony FE 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 G OSS
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A mate of mine (the one who sold me his Canon 1D Mark IV in the days of yore... he's long since gone to ML and Pentax digital MF) was enthusiastic about this lens. Smile
I think this lens alone is a reason for choosing Sony (unless money doesn't matter).
With such lenses, it is a shame that so many aspects of the Sony cameras are a reason not to choose Sony.
Just use it on a Nikon Z camera with adapter, then. Smile Just remember to never hold the combo by the camera body tho. Big Grin
Nikon has 200-500 very well regarded and fairly priced, so why shoud anyone go Sony for this lens ??
If you have to use an adapter anyway - why would you choose to use a lens just because it has the same brand?

FWIW, the Sony FE 200-600mm G is not flawless - namely, the corners aren't great. However, all aspects considered, it is a great package.

PS: I've to say that I quite like the thought of using FE lenses on Nikon Z ... https://techartpro.com/?product=techart-...ter-tze-01
Wait.... You dislike using an adapter on EOS M, but you quite like it on Nikon Z?
But I wouldn't use any Nikkors ;-) If so - does this still count as an adapter? LOL.
Remember that I said that it's pathetic to have a system with few lenses - but what about lenses without a decent camera? ;-)
I've always been wondering why people keep heaping scorn on the Sony cameras even after all these years. I remember the interface on the very first NEX-3 (that I still have in the household somewhere, so does that technically make me a Sony system user?) was peculiar, but I chalked it up to the Early Installment Weirdness. Can't believe it's still as weird, because at least the external control layout has evolved by leaps and bounds.

It'd be cool to try the Techart EF-Z adapter since I'm stocked up to the brim on EF lenses, too.
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