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Thinking about it, the first pages of this website were created 25 years ago. It must have been around the year 1995 during my time at university. Of course, this was way prior to a dedicated domain.
So who can still remember the "Lens Test Archive" ...? ;-)

Time flies ...
Should we say Happy Birthday to Photozone.de?
...and hopefully at least as much going forward...
(09-09-2020, 09:43 AM)Rover Wrote: [ -> ]...and hopefully at least as much going forward...

How old would Klaus be at that point?
Around 75 I guess? Definitely not a compelling reason to hang the camera on the wall, I hope. Smile
Silver anniversary, quite impressive. Congrats.

And yes, Klaus, I do remember Lens test archive. Actually it was big help back in 1997 when I was buying lenses for my first AF camera. Lens tests were kind of rarer and mostly available in printed media. Photozone archive was good argument for lenses I chose. :-)
Dear Klaus, congratualtions to the silver anniversary.

I ve some printed versions of the lens test archive, just in case you can not find them anymore :-)

All the best for the next 25 years!
25 more years? I'll hopefully be enjoying my retirement by then! ;-)
Retirement is time for hobbies, like lens testing, is'n't it? ;-)
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