Full Version: New in da lab
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The XF 18-135!

Well, ok, not exciting news in itself, sure.

However, it was the last lens missing to promise you:

- reviews of all XF and XC lenses not reviewed so far (plus the Touit 50)

- retests at 26 MP of all XF and XC lenses reviewed so far (plus the other 2 Touit lenses)
Great news, thanks Markus! :-)

Is the 16-80 going to be next?
(11-09-2020, 09:35 AM)thxbb12 Wrote: [ -> ]Great news, thanks Markus! :-)

Is the 16-80 going to be next?

Yes, I will be done with all the analysis today. I hope I can finish most of the writing today, too, but it might take until tomorrow.

The review will contain MTF charts for both corrected and uncorrected files. It's something I plan to do for some of the Fuji lenses that natively have heavy distortion. The 16-80 certainly qualifies here.

I initially planned to review the lens on the X-Pro1, too, so it can be compared to existing reviews. Now that all the lenses are (or have been) in the lab, I gave up on the idea and try to publish results for similar lenses (18-55, 16-55, XC 16-50) asapst Wink