Full Version: Tamron 17-70mm f/2.8 Di III-A VC RCD announced
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The MTFs look pretty good actually
You know you'll have it in da lab before long, Klaus. Smile

This is going to be an interesting battle, this one vs. the Sony 16-55.
It even renders nicely, judging from those sample images. Nice APS-C lens.
If the MTF is good, I wonder whether it might obscure the 'old' Sony 16-70mm f/4... 308g vs 525g, heavier but not so much, and a stop faster - 200g are not a big deal in exchange of f/2.8. The only pitfall is that you lose 1mm at the wide end. On the other hand, if you have the Sony 10-18mm, the range is covered.

So I'm longing to see tests (including decentering assessment).
I've seen remarks along the line of "smear the front lens of this Tamron with vaseline, and it's still going to do better than the Zeiss 16-70". Smile Not sure how well founded these are. An ex-coworker of mine has the Zeiss 16-70, I got to ask him how that lens fares.
Considering the dozens of reviews I've read about the SEL1670, to me it's clear that the lens has a problem of variability. Mine is mostly good, with some decentering issues. But it's for sure the less satisfying one in my arsenal; so if a reasonable replacement comes out...