Full Version: Funny product
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If it wasn't for the shiny part on the grip, the silver or black ones would look quite decent actually.
If it wasn't for the shiny part (a handcrafted piece of wood made from North American Walnut, with 9 coats of paint) you would have a standard K-1 mark II. Oh , not quite... the standard K-1 mark II also lacks the "Duratec" coating on the metal mount, "to improve beauty and surface hardness". And removable/changeable pentaprism topcovers to match lens styles or your mood...

Pentax K-1 mark II MRSP: $1999 (USD), ¥258,500
Pentax K-1 mark II Silver edition MRSP: $2099 (USD)
Pentax J Limited 01 price: ¥384,780 (so about $2976 (USD) if we look at above K-1 prices).

Funny product.... Straight out of the Hasselblad-Sony handbook it seems.
The pattern on the grip is also different.

But yes, it's a bit like Hasselblad's Sony adventure.


I don't think I've ever seen such a long OVF housing ...... it's so long it covers the DOF scale on the attached lens ...... how do you see it? 

  ....... it looks weird to me .........
It's a cover, correction, it's a set of two, removable covers.
You take them out, look at the distance scale, you put them back Wink (or take them out from day one and forget them into a drawer)