Full Version: Hell just froze ... ;-)
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A Leica SL 24-70mm f/2.8 forĀ $2,750.
A rebadged Sigma if the rest of the rumor is to be believed. How much is the Sigma on the market?
Still ...
Well, twice the price at least just for the Leica name ....
...and the red dot, if it's there at all. If it isn't (it's not seen on that photo), then it explains the "moderate" price, as the dot would've added $1000ish to the price on top of the name premium) Smile
Hey red dots are everything. I hear people pay millions for first tweets and other stuff - so why not a few measly hundreds for a red dot ?
Well, whatever floats their boats. Smile I wouldn't have bought a Leica if I had had all the money in the world. I would've just spent the surplus on charity, for instance. Smile
Klaus, are you saying that your SL dream might materialize?

I think I'm not yet ready to pay $10.000 AUD for a Leica camera. ;-)

There are rumors about a CL2 though ...
Would be funny if someone bought that "Leica" lens... and put in on a Sigma FP.