Full Version: 6 further lenses are coming to da lab
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Mostly primes - e.g. the Tamron triple
And the other 3?
Nikkor Z 50mm f1.8 S  Big Grin
(06-18-2021, 11:34 AM)Brightcolours Wrote: [ -> ]Nikkor Z 50mm f1.8 S  Big Grin

;-) Yeah ... I'm also waiting ...
Any chance you'll be testing the Tamron 35/1.4? Or are DSLR lenses already a no-no? Smile

(06-18-2021, 08:41 AM)Klaus Wrote: [ -> ]Mostly primes - e.g. the Tamron triple

You're gonna need a new curvimeter for the 20. Smile
I think I remember Klaus typing he was not very interested in testing that Tamron.... But we already know it is just about the best 35mm f1.4 lens, sharp with lovely rendering.
The new Sigma 35 f1.4 DG DN Art has pretty nice rendering: https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/sigma-3...eld-review

However, these 2 Voigtlander Apo Lanthar 35 and 50 f2 have really excellent rendering IMO. Too bad they're "only" f2 ;-)

And MF. That strikes them out immediately for a lot of people, including me. Smile
At least the T35 is a bit overhyped ...
Which Tamron 35 are you referring to, the 2.8 or the 1.4? Smile
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