Full Version: New Tamron lenses on the horizon: 35-150/2-2.8 (!), 28-75/2.8 G2
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Pretty early to release an update to the 28-75 I think, and the redesign is not limited to the mechanical aspects it seems...
The 35-150/2-2.8 is a remarkable entry though. Fully a stop faster throughout the range vs. the DSLR version and not that much bulkier at the same time, or so it seems.
Quite an improvement


The 35-150mm f/2-2.8 is a nice variation to the usual stuff.

I'm wondering who is going to buy all these E-mount lenses - there are now 133 (+2) and that's only counting those with AF. Including MF there are 411 (+2). That's just nuts.
35-150f2.8 is an absolutely interesting lens for me as long as they keep weight and size reasonable for portraiture, at least for me it's by far more practical to have 35-150 than 70-200 for portraiture
Well, and to think we've been appalled by the lack of lenses early on. Things change so much.
It's also pretty telling that the RF and Z mount shooters are often seen on the forums (like DPReview) asking when the third-party lens X or Y is going to be released for their systems, usually only to get the answer to the tune of "when the fat lady sings".

I'm also thinking that the new Sigma 150-600 and Tamron 35-150 lenses would mesh pretty well, as though they've been announced simultaneously on purpose. Big Grin
I guess this means the E mount is popular ?
(08-07-2021, 08:49 PM)you2 Wrote: [ -> ]I guess this means the E mount is popular ?

Popular enoough, and easy to make a lens for, as Sony has made the mechanical and electrical design parameters freely available.