Full Version: Meanwhile in KSA....
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Instead of drones and robots our Saoudi neighbors sent Sarha   (her name translates the free roaming) the camel equipped camera to the desert, and it seems remotely working photographers are getting some  excellent photos despite the simplicity of the concept, that made ma smile at first.
Didn't know landscape photographers too can work from home
Well, that's interesting, even from the technical point of view. For instance, among other things, it looks like the equipment (*) is not shielded by direct sunlight and I would have supposed that such a long and extreme exposition could damage it (LOL, a couple of days ago I forgot my bag in the boot of my car that has been under the sun for six hours and was a little worried...).

(*) It's a Sony.
It's a pity the pix are broken for me when I open the site...
(08-25-2021, 02:38 PM)Rover Wrote: [ -> ]It's a pity the pix are broken for me when I open the site...

that's their instagram
Ooh it looks rad. I love deserts, though this opinion of mine wasn't shared by many. Smile Thanks!