Full Version: RF 16mm f/2.8 and RF 100-400mm coming
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A tiny 16mmf2.8 (heavily relying on digital correction) pancake ???
Since non L, expect a compact slow zoom maybe f5.6-7.1 ?? will it be DO ??? that would make it more interesting
Who ever started that pancake talk? There used to be a 16/2.8 pancake lens from Sony but it was for APS-C. And it was lousy. The Samsung 2.4 also had its pitfalls, and was also for a crop sensor. And how do you make an FF 16/2.8 pancake, come on.

I guess it will be somewhat similar in shape to the old Tokina 17/3.5 or the Nikon 20/2.8, or maybe the Samyang 18 but with wider front portion and larger filter threads. It's going to be a fast 16mm lens after all, if it does end up existing.
I do agree that that "pancake" talk seems to have appeared out of thin air. 16mm FF will not have very few elements, and f2.8 won't make those elements particularly small in diameter. And the UWA nature of a 16mm makes it being an extra compact pancake lens quite unnecessary too. Pancakes are for "street photography", which 16mm is not.

But we will see what will materialize, of course
A FF 16mm f/2.8 will not be a pancake. Laowa is emphasizing size over other criteria - and they aren't even close to delivering a fast, wide FF pancake.
A 16mm f/8 could be a pancake, maybe, but an f/2.8 - no way.
For APS-C there's already pancake Sony 16mmf2.8 but its performance is already disappointing
There's a new tendancy for collapsible lenses, used in kit/standard zooms would Canon use it for such a prime ?? I don't think so
Let's hope not... I personally find these collapsible lenses really annoying.
First images leaked, see mirrorlessrumors.com for example.

The RF 16 is not a pancake, as expected, but still very compact. Already curious now how the distortion and vignetting figures will be...
Pretty neat, $299 for a 16mm f2.8...
$299 ???
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