Full Version: Suggestions needed, not expensive tele zoom for Z6 - only optical performance
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Well, the only lens I would've been holding my breath for was the Tamron 45mm f/1.8, but even in its case, I did not. Big Grin
I guess mentioning the Tamron 45 any further would get me banned from this space - I must've become everyone's thorn in the side. Smile
Lets go on with that Tamron 35mm f1.4 thenĀ  Big Grin
Yeah, I've already started. Big Grin
Tamron 70-210 arrived, but did not work on Z6. Needed FW upgrade - so I had to wait for tap in console to arrive.
Tried it on D600 and didn't work. But then D600 did not work with any other lens - because I did not use it for quite some time, and we had ridiculous humid summer, mirror was stuck. After some careful mirror wiggling everything was back to normal and I compared 70-300 vs 70-210.
At some focal length 70-210 is just a tad better but overall they are pretty comparable. That is not saying that 70-210 but that 70-300 is excellent.

after upgrading FW on the lens I retested on Z6 and got similar results. I compared both zooms, against Nikon-F 105 VR macro and Nikon-F 135 SF and in my opinion both zooms held their own quite well at those focal lengths (where they are the best according to other tests Big Grin)

In any way, I was quite happy with my trusty old 70-300 so today I packed 70-210 and tap in console and returned it back to amazon.

Thank you very very much for your help
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