Full Version: Preliminary sample images: Nikkor Z 40mm f/2
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A selection of shots from the first day out in the field with the lens. This is likely not the final selection of sample images for the upcoming review (I hope for a few more sunny days ahead), but should give a first impression:

It renders pretty nicely.
Generally, yes. Pretty ok for the size (and the prize). Pretty flare resistant, btw, so the missing hood is not really such a big issue.

Very low distortion on FX (natively, without software correction), basically distortion-free on DX. Vignetting a bit on the high side, though, higher than the AF-S 50/1.8, for example.

Bokeh can be a bit rough wide open.

I added a few more to the Smugmug gallery. According to the forecast, we has the last day with sun for at least a week, so back to lab work now Smile