Full Version: Samyang 12mm f2 for Fuji-X officially announced
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The lens' official page on Samyang's website:


If IQ is good, I'll likely sell my Fuji 14mm and buy this one instead.
I'll welcome the wider FOV and larger aperture while keeping the same form factor :-)
From the page:

"Sams byang's advanced AF technology is adoted to Samyang MF 12mm F2.0 which haeen loved by its outstanding image quality."
English is clearly not their forte, but they are not alone.
It seems fairly common among camera/lens manufacturers to NOT have some English native speaker proof-read their texts unfortunately (!).
The lens construction seems to be the same with the 12mm f2 NCS CS (manual focus lens), but the published MTF curves differ in areas. Whether that means the MTF simulation software has evolved over time, or that the optics are different in detail, I don't know. The Fuji AF lens does have the exact same optics as the Sony AF version. So, you should be able to determine if it performs well enough.
The optical construction seems indeed the same (12 elements in 10 groups).
However, the old version had 2 aspherical elements while the new one has: 1 H-ASP element, 1 ASP element, and 3 ED elements.
I guess this would account for the differences in MTFs?

Here are the 2 pages to compare their MTFs and constructions:

New version: https://www.samyanglens.com/en/product/p...hp?seq=543
Old version: https://www.samyanglens.com/en/product/p...hp?seq=351
If we look at the lens construction images next to the MTFs, we do see the same 1x H-ASP, 1x ASP (= 2x aspherical) and 3 ED elements... Appears they only bothered to mention the 2 aspherical elements in the table of the manual lens?
So in Sony land, this is an Astro-lens but in Fuji mount, the same optics aren't.
(10-27-2021, 06:07 AM)Klaus Wrote: [ -> ]So in Sony land, this is an Astro-lens but in Fuji mount, the same optics aren't.

Obviously, you can't do astro with X-trans....