Full Version: New Tamron 18-300mm f3.5-6.5 for Fujifilm
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Reviews of this Tamron 18-300mm lens for Fujifilm speak highly of its quality. Do you think it is comparable to the Canon 28-300mm or the Olympus 12-200mm?
Whatever review says, it's made on a brand new lens=at the peak of it's performance.
Keep in mind it's a super zoom with a complex design and many moving elements, unless you will be using it very delicately with a lot of care, you are at risk of losing some image quality with time
3.5-6.5? Izzat right?
Has anyone compared the Tamron 18-300mm to the Fuji 16-80mm?

Is the Tamron better at the focal length between 18 and 80mm?