Full Version: next OL lens test report: Tokina atx-m 56mm f/1.4 E
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Wow, a double whammy of tests! Reading now.

I just failed to understand what this part from the resolution section on page 2 means:
"the center performance is already excellent quality, although that's probably not a show-stopper in this lens class." <-- seems like there was a bit of text eaten up by the editor, about the near-center not being quite as good enough, otherwise that sentence is a bit self-contradictory.

It also seems you were able to completely avoid mentioning the V-name? Smile
Wonder how bokeh fringing would affect hairn color in portraits, I suspect it migh destroy some shots
do you have any rea world photos that would help us see what to expect ??
[Image: DSC03169.jpg]

here it looks rather bad