Full Version: OM-1 & new lenses leak ahead of announcement
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The stacked sensor and the viewfinder are interesting but the price tag ...

Nothing very exciting IMO.
Finally a proper EVF, it was time!
A bit more than 20MP would have been appreciated, it's about time as well. To me it's a big disappointment.

Regarding lenses, I wonder why a new version of the 12-40 f2.8.
I'd rather go with a 12-50 or 12-60 f2.8 or a 12-40 f2.
New mft camera. Been a while. Big Grin 
Good to see modern sensor, blackout free (only in some modes it seems) EVF and significant AF improvements. And video. But in the end change in performance matters. Rolling shutter, sensor output and in particular AF, for example. Time will tell.

Pricewise not a surprise, really. Having said that, high end MFT has indeed a challenge: lower cost of sensor impacts less overall cost of a camera. Electronics cost the same, for example. Probably more due to low quantities. Wink Yet typical user’s value perception is significantly lower. Just the way it is.
Yeah, the cost benefits of a smaller sensor are long gone.
The primary selling point is the smaller lenses (at the expense of DoF/Speed).
So Oly is right pushing it towards an outdoors scope - the OM-1 has an IP53 rating ... no other camera can compete with this.
I reckon the new lenses are also in this ballpark then.

That all being said - the biggest problem of the OM-1 is the GH-6. No video maker would seriously consider an OM-1 I reckon.