Full Version: Next OL lens test report - Tokina SZ 8mm f/2.8 Fish-Eye
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Hey, I'm fond of these too. Too bad I no longer have (easy) access to that Tokina 10-17mm...
This particular review did come completely out of the blue though. Smile
Not sure why Tokina would regress to doing fully manual lenses though - they've had all the tech for as long as one can remember.
Re: the missing quality rating, I would say 2.5* tops because of the CA.
One "correction" from me would be for the flare section: "but you can drive all lenses into driving some."
"Thus the offer for reviewing the new Tokina SZ 8mm f/2.8 Fish-Eye was very welcomed."
Very welcome, or welcomed (with open arms or other additions, depending what you want to say)

"It's a fully manual, APS-C mount lens for X- and E-mount. " That comma is misplaced.

"Fish-eye lenses aren't everybody's cookie" Not sure if this is an actual saying in English?
(02-18-2022, 01:40 PM)Brightcolours Wrote: [ -> ]"Fish-eye lenses aren't everybody's cookie" Not sure if this is an actual saying in English?

"Fish-eye lenses aren't everybody's cup of tea."
I prefer cookies over tea ;-)

FWIW, Tokina was so kind to provide this lens for testing prior to the announcement.
Cookies go very well WITH tea.
And now I know why the lens review appeared at the same time as the actual announcement. Big Grin
Doesn't it look like a rebadged lens?
Tokina could at least add aperture coupling and exif
Although I recon autofocus with a 8mm fisheye is rather pointless except maybe at f2.8
At f5.6when focus point isn't set too close almost everything from 0.5 meters to infinity is in focus.
That's what I actually do to shoot with my fisheye
Not such a strange cookie after all !!