Full Version: Next OL lens test - Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM II
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Thanks for this review Klaus.
I was amazed how much the lens shrinked. Event photographers will be happy with such light lens, especially the one following a wedding.
Yeah, I was tempted to get one for myself as a replacement for my 24-105mm.
So, finally a fast standard zoom that is good without any reservations? Smile
P.S. Is it just me but looking at the first and second versions -- and specifically their MTF measurements -- it seems that there's quite a bit more than half a star improvement in resolution between them... Subjective, of course.
The ratings are never fully "correct". e.g. for the old lens, I didn't check the flare issue that I noticed on the mk II.

And the old one may be a 3.38 vs a 4.12 for the new one so the difference could be 0.74pts ;-)