Full Version: Should I get RF 35mmf1.8 ?
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I was on the verge of getting RF 35mmf1.8 today, then I compared size  of my yongnuo 35mmf2.0 plus adapter to RF 35mm : same size and lighter.
I am satisfied with yongnuo image quality....
what  do you think?
Well, do you want to go macro and are you happy with the AF performance of the Yongnuo?
the lens is excellent aside some compatibility issues: the lens lies about exif, confusing the camera leading to severe exposure issues in some photos but most are okay
Autofocus is very good, however when using this specific lens eye autofocus needs a lot of time to detect the face and sometimes doesn't detect faces at all, I use touch and drag for focusing so this is not a real issue for me
If it is not an issue to use your existing lens, don;t bother.

Personally, I always hated the 35 mm FL, but the Canon RF 35 F/1.8 mad me rethink all that. I really like it, I have to admit.
I, for one, hate the 28mm FL.
(07-29-2022, 03:53 AM)Klaus Wrote: [ -> ]I, for one, hate the 28mm FL.
In the past I used to love the 28 mm FL, but I think 24 mm is the new 38 mm these days, certainly for me Smile. The Canon EOS 24L Mk I made me rethink that. Still own the 24L II currently, love it! Smile

Kind regards, Wim