Full Version: 250 degree circular fisheyes announced
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Very good len for VR scene recording


also the first circular fisheye for MFT system

1.6kg weight ?

Wonder how one could balance its weight while carrying it with touching the front elements

Super expensive though ... almost 4000US$.I


I'm slightly wondering about the practicability.


Here are their other lenses whether the field of view is illustrated:



Thus your tripod (or feet) are always in the picture.


That video with the moving clouds is hot though ;-)

And why not a Ricoh Theta? 360°, much more simple to set up (and a lot cheaper). I think in Nikon's action camera line is a similar item in. Okay, that's no resolution wonder, but then, which VR movie is? After zooming in, each lens/sensor combo will have a limit and I don't think, normal smartphone or internet users have that much bandwith to push HR VR-movies through.

This lens puzzles me, especially at that price range.

Who could seriously be interested in such a lens?

Weight 1,6 kg?

Who could use it?


A professional VR-studio, looking for new environments for games. A real estate company, doing a kind of "Google street view" inside houses. A design team, doing on-site recording of machinery for adding components.

I see, but I wonder if it wouldn't be easier/better to use an ultra-wide rectilinear lens (say 14mm FF equiv such as the Oly 7-14 f2.8)? Or even stitch a couple of shots instead.

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