Full Version: next OL lens test - Fujinon XF 150-600mm f/5.6-8 R LM WR OIS
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1.6Kg it's a dream. But if I understand the things, it's a bit worse than Sony 200-600mm at the long end due to the diffraction thing. At the moment I can't tell whether I'd trade some sharpness for weight. I'll tell you in a few months.
(10-21-2022, 12:12 PM)Klaus Wrote: [ -> ]https://opticallimits.com/fuji_x/1150_fuji150600f568

Not perfect but I like it.

 You nailed that review Klaus, it constituted a decent read !! ........ of course it's right in my back yard ........ 

...... some comments: 

   .......  it would have been nice if Fuji could have managed an F6.3 max aperture at 600mm, especially as it's up against many DSLR lenses which are FF compatible which offer F6.3 ...... the Tamron G2 A002 struggles to give pin sharp images on the APSc sensor wide open at the long end, but manages very good results at F8, you get sharper images on the FF sensor ...... whereas the Fuji has only one playing field in which to operate, the taxing APSc format.
  Apart from that the lens seems to do an admirable job being as sharp as it probably could be with internal zooming and fast focus to boot ...... maybe a close call between the Sony 200-600mm ......
 of course it has that definable quality for Fuji shooters ........ it's out there for sale right now !!
Why did they bother to put the diaphragm there at all... :-)
(10-22-2022, 07:27 AM)Rover Wrote: [ -> ]Why did they bother to put the diaphragm there at all... :-)

Actually it can be still useful,  for such tele lenses DOF is rather thin, stepping down will icrease the chances of having the bird in focus while shooting birds for instance, however I reckon stepping down from f8 isn't that useful.
Canon didn't even bother having an aperture on 600 and 800mm f11