Full Version: Gymbal suggestion
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Gents, I need a suggestion for a gimbal to be used with the Sony a6600 + SEL200600G. I've been after a gimbal since a few years, but for a reason or another I never finalised the purchase. Now such a long time has passed since my evaluation that I have to restart from scratch. Lightness is very important.
Size and weight always kept me away from typical gimbals. I then discovered the Wimberley MH-100 MonoGimbal and it was perfect for my needs: definitely lightweight, easy to use on a monopod (I prefer monopods for long lens shootings) and if required could aloso be used on a tripod with an additional rotating plate. Should be a big and heavy tripod, though, since the lens is mounted on the side of the gimbal, so could potentially drag the whole tripod setup sideways.
mst, I was precisely going to ask about the MH-100, which is a “new entry” in my evaluation list. My tripod is an old Gitzo 1325 carbon fibre tripod with Kirk Enterprises BH-3 head, I think it should be ok.
Got it today and it seems excellent, even though I've not tested it in the field yet. It seems I have two issues, one being the position that is required to put the camera + lens combo in equilibrium: as you can see from the attached photo, the lens foot adapter only overlaps the plate for 2cm, which I fear is too short to be safe, so perhaps a longer foot is required. Thoughts?

PS Excuse me for the poor photo made with Photo Booth and an oddly placed light source, but I'm feeling lazy at the moment.
Tried for a couple of hours, so far only staying sit down. Excellent, no fatigue at all, it allows to frame the subject in a much better way. As soon I get an extension rod for the monopod I'll try it standing up.
Oooookkk... And at last a plate of 120mm is the final step.