Full Version: how much of a use is image stabilization efficient on a boat?
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Yesterday I took some pictures from a boat at night on a Bosporus cruise and image stabilization seemed to work quite well...

Anyone knows its limitations since I will be reusing it this week
It's movement after all, I'm not surprised IS could counter the movement of the boat. I did not have many lenses with IS but I don't think I ever ended up thinking IS wasn't working in one situtation when I thought it would work. What I'd go for if I were trying to cheat the IS would be putting it through so much lateral acceleration (in a cornering car, for example), it would think I was holding the camera in horizontal orientation when it was actually vertical.


Ps. I live in the area, if you need to ask anything, don't hesitate Wink

Thanks Obican, maybe that;s a great occasion for meeting and having a cup of coffee and maybe taking some pictures 

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